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Born and raised in Le Marche, we are occasionally aware of the beauty of the region we live in. By looking through the eyes of our guests we experience this beauty as they experience it. It starts when they get out of the car and show a long ‘waaauw’. Reason to describe it once with photos. But, frankly, you can experience this beauty yourself.

The patchwork of Le Marche is quite impressive. At Annarella, located on the north side of the mountain on which Carassai is located, you have, looking to the right, a fantastic view over the valley with a view of the Adriatic Sea. This patchwork changes with every season and is especially beautiful in the spring. Although the summers are warm and dry, the country does not lose its beauty through thirst and remains predominantly green.

From Annarella you look out on the left side of the impressive mountain range of the Monte Siblinni. From the early autumn until late spring, the peaks are snowy and in the summer, in clear weather, they stand sharp against the blue sky.

At Annarella you have a view of this beauty from the garden, the swimming pool or from your lounger. The porch also grabs a piece of this view and on the balconies of Orchidea and Margherite you will have breakfast in the Italian sun with your eyes on the painting in front of you.


Agriturismo Annarella

via molino vecchio 6
63063, Carassai (AP)
Le Marche, Italy
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