in Le Marche

A patchwork of colours

Agriturismo Annarella is the ideal place to immerse yourself in the quiet of the nature of the Marche region.

Le Marche is the only Italian region written in the plural form, this probably is due to its high variety of views, its gorgeous Adriatic Coast, the Sibillini mountains inland and, in between, the rolling hills, which you normally only see in paintings.

The countryside is green and lush, fields and woodland create a patchwork of colours.

On almost every hill top there is a fortress town, often with vast medieval walls and watch towers . Here it remains quiete even in summer.

The coastal line stretches out as a chain of sand beaches, rocks, cliffs and bays. The hills contain a rich variety of flowers and animals. You will find vineyards, olive trees, sunflower, grain fields and forests. Le Marche region is one of the most beautiful and less well known regions of Italy, is a region perfect for beach goers, hikers, active travelers who love the outdoors or those looking to escape to nature.

We have put a number of recommendations for you in a row. Think of the Piano Grande, the Lame Rosse or Lago di Fiastra, the caves of Frasassi, the bay of Conero and the waterfalls at Ascoli Piceno.

Grotte di Frasassi

The Grotte di Frasassi is worth a visit!

In the heart of the Marche region are the spectacular Frasassi caves, the largest karst complex in Europe. The caves were discovered in 1971 and open to the public in 1974. The guided tour lasts for around an hour.

This subterranean wonderland is equipped with gigantic stalagmites and inlaid stalactites. The awesome Grotta Grande del Vento is Europe’s largest cavern, so vast that Milan Cathedral would fit comfortably inside.



Every year, on the high plain of Castelluccio, situated at an altitude of 1452 meters inside the Parco Nazionale dei Monti Sibillini, during many weeks between May and July, an incredible mosaic of colours breaks the chromatic monotony of the grazing lands and it is able to fill eyes and heart.

During the “flowering” the plains change face and become a triumph of multicolored shades, ranging from yellow ocher to red, from violet to white, thanks to the spectacle of nature.


Mounts Sibillini National Park

Agriturismo Annarella is about a half hour drive from Monte Sibillini: It’s one of the smaller national parks in Europe, but as for diversity and beauty isn’t certainly less attractive than larger parks. Known for its beautiful views from the mountain peaks, Monti Sibillini National Park is a mecca for hikers.

Take a nice hike to “Pilato lakes” or to the top of the highest peak, Mount Vettore, that reaches 8,132 ft above sea level.

Relatively easier and highly recommended is hike to Mount Sibilla. The area it is a unique zone wherein nature, history, culture and magic seamlessly intertwine. the Sibillines were actually known since Medieval times as a land of demons, necromancers and fairies: the most famous was prophetess Sibyl, whose kingdom is believed to lie in a cave, deep within the mountains.

Although you don’t believe in legends, during the summer, night hike (with expert guide) could be a wonderful way to visit the park: few times in your life you will admire such vibrant sunrises and such vivid stars.

You can go hiking, cycling, swimming, canoeing, paragliding, rafting and horse riding

The bay of Conero

On the coast of Le Marche, a little below Ancona is Riviera dell Conero. A nature park with beautiful cliffs and hidden bays. A place to swim, to look out and to walk.

“Spiaggia delle Due Sorelle” (two Sisters Beach) is the Sirolo most famous beach, so named after two twin rocks raising from the water. It is reachable by means of boats which, in the summertime, leave every day from the Numana port.

It was inserted by Legambiente in the list of the ten most beautiful beaches in Italy.

Lame Rosse

Close to Lago di Fiastra are the Lame Rosse, or “the red blades”.

If the badlands that you can see in the hills areas, are often compared to lunar landscapes, the “Lame Rosse” looks like a place on Mars because the rock is red, rich of iron oxide.
The area is particularly striking, a beautiful rock party with a walking route through it. A brisk walk of two hours, also good for the less trained hiker.

Waterfalls Ascoli Piceno

Behind the Cartiera Papale Museum, the paper factory of the Pope, you step into the river and see the first small waterfall.

If you walk up, cross the footbridge and follow the path, you will encounter two more waterfalls. The locals like to come here for an Italian picnic and to jump from the waterfalls.

Fiastra Lake

At a high altitude, in the middle of the mountain peaks of the Monte Sibillini mountain range, Lago di Fiastra is a clear blue mountain lake. The water is cool and clear and it is possible to rent a sup or a pedal boat. A wonderful place for a cooling dip.