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Towns and villages in Le Marche

Near the Agriturismo Annarella are located many beautiful towns and ancient villages with medieval atmospheres.

All the surrounding Marche region is characterized by a beautiful natural landscape that will transform your holiday into a wonderful experience.

The Marche region is also known as “the best kept secret in Italy”. Beautiful and historic village decorate the surrounding hilltops.

This region’s great past can be seen in its cities-of-art, elegant buildings, enchanting piazzas resembling salons for people to meet and discuss the issues of the day, the medieval towns where time seems to stand still.


The medieval city of Fermo is about 6 km from the sea and is located on a hill characterized by beautiful views and enchanting views. Walking through its strate you will discover the Cathedral, the Duomo and Piazza del Popolo which are surely among the most beautiful places to visit. In the Municipal Art Gallery, boasting valuable paintings of the Venetian and Marche schools and the “Nativity” by Rubens In summer you will find several events like the one held in August: the “Cavalcata dell’Assunta”, a horse race that runs through the city and is a real show! Every Thursday evening then there is a beautiful city market where you can find a lot of artisan products of the territory stop. More…


Offida is an ancient village enclosed by the castle walls of the fifteenth century and is included among “the most beautiful villages in Italy”. Located on a rocky spur, it is known for the laborious and patient art of delicate bobbin lace, an ancient tradition, to which a museum is dedicated. Not to be missed is the large panoramic square at the entrance of the ancient core that houses the remains of the fifteenth-century fortress, to which stands the Monument to Merlettaie. The heart of the village of Offida is Piazza del Popolo, with its unusual triangular shape, overlooked by some important historical buildings that differ in style and material. On the main side you can admire the Palazzo Comunale and the portico of the town hall leads to the splendid Teatro del Serpente Aureo. More…

Ascoli Piceno

This beautiful ancient city resides at the foot of the Apennines. In the historical center, built almost entirely in travertine and among the most admired of the region and central Italy, you go back in time. Ascoli Piceno is also known as the City of a hundred towers because it preserves several noble and bell towers.

The Renaissance Piazza del Popolo is centered around where you will find some important buildings including the Palazzo dei Capitani del Popolo, dating back to the 13th century and now the Town Hall, the historic Art Nouveau Caffè Meletti and the Church of San Francesco. Loggia dei Mercanti, elegant construction of 1513. Another very elegant urban space is Piazza Arringo, the oldest square in Ascoli, where interesting buildings stand: the medieval Baptistery of San Giovanni, the Cathedral of Sant’Emidio, the Palazzo Vescovile, the Palazzo dell ‘Arengo, home of the Civic Art Gallery and some municipal offices.

As for the typical gastronomic products, the Ascoli olives, a specialty of the city, should definitely be tried. The recipe says: “after having pitted the olives, making a cut of the spiral pulp, the cavity left by the stone is filled with minced meat, previously cooked and blended with white wine and smells, to which nutmeg, egg yolks are added. and grated Parmigiano Reggiano, small amounts of grated lemon peel and cloves are also allowed “.


Macerata is known for its opera in the open air. In the months of July and August there are many operas that you can visit. Even outside these operas it is possible to visit the beautiful arena SFERISTERIO.

In the old city center of Macerata you will find many beautiful buildings, churches and charming squares.


The ancient town of Amandola rests on three hills of the upper Tenna valley that take their names from the castles that were present there since its birth: Agello, Leone and Marrubbione. The highest and inhabited is Castel Leone

Lake San Ruffino is the ideal place for a picnic to immerse yourself in this wonderful nature on the slopes of the Sibillini Mountains. (annarella site with photo). At Osteria del Lago there is a beautiful lawn where there are niches for eating outdoors. You will naturally also admire the beautiful lake landscape and you can also rent canoes, pedal boats and kayaks to cross the lak


Ripatransone is always in the province of Ascoli Piceno, among the oldest centers in the province, a 15 minute drive from the Agriturismo Annarella. Going up the steps that are between the ancient whistles you will discover the authentic village and enjoy beautiful views. High on the hill between the valleys of the torrent Menocchia and the river Tesino, Ripatransone rises in fact in a panoramic position so beautiful that it deserves the title of “belvedere del Piceno”.

The most famous attraction is the narrowest alley in Italy, so small that it does not even have a name: it is a lane that respects all the canons to be considered an alley (paved, walkable and with at least one window or a door that faces you) but that is only 43 cm wide!


A castle = the village! Indeed the small village of Moresco is actually just a castle. A cute car-free village with a cozy piazza. You can find the real Italian life here. Time has stood still here.

Civitanova Marche

This city has the longest beaches of Le Marche. The modern inner city has a long shopping street and 4 km. Inland, Civitanova Alta is a medieval town that is partly surrounded by the 14th century city wall.

San Benedetto del Tronto

San Benedetto is the ‘capital of the Riviera delle Palme’, white sandy beaches, countless palm trees and oleanders give this coastal town an exotic look. Here you will also find countless nice little shopping streets with beautiful shops.s.


Rome is about 250 kilometers from agriturismo Annarella. Not really far away and doing very well with the bus. A luxury touring bus departs directly from Pedaso to the center of Rome. This regular service runs 24 hours a day at different times.

A return ticket costs 29 euros.


This beautiful place on top of a hill on the coast attracts millions of pilgrims each year to the pilgrimage church. Here is according to tradition the ‘House of the Mother of God’. The holy house is located in the cathedral on the central square. It is impressive to see how the pilgrims on their knees crawl around this house.